How can you stop losing money from cart abandonment?


One of the biggest problems in ecommerce today is the cart abandonment rate. In UK over 67% of the online shopping carts are abandoned.

So think about how much money you lose. For every 100 people that shop on your website, 67 of them leave without purchasing.

Why the online shoppers leave without buying?

More than 56% leave because they were presented with unexpected costs. This is very common. You want to buy something, you put it in your basket and just before you finish your order some more costs pop up and your joy of spending is all gone.

Another reason is that your website is running way to slow or it crashes a lot. If you have a low quality host that cannot handle your traffic, then the outcome will not be good for your business.

Prices presented in another currency can also be a great turn off for your customers.

All the factors mentioned here above are things that you can improve so that the buying experience gets better.

What can you do in order to stop losing so much money?

First of all you should make sure that you are not facing the problems we already talked about.

After the cart is abandoned do not despair. There is one solution that could bring more money into your pocket. It is something we have developed here at Conectoo – a cart abandonment scenario for Marketing Automation.

How does this scenario work?

It’s very simple, really, and it has great results.

You can launch it at X minutes/ hours/ days from the adding of a certain product in the basket, but the order did not go through. You can set a minimum value of the basket for which this scenario is triggered.

You can also set up a maximum number of emails (of this kind) that a customer can receive in a certain amount of time.

It can get very personal. You can add the name of your client, to start with, and it can also contain the products the client selected and a button with the possibility to finalize the order that will take the client to a pre-established landing page.

It’s as simple as that. All you have to do is invest in your customers and in their shopping experience. And they will repay you by not forgetting about your products.

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